Polar Bear with its versatile body characteristics have evolved to survive on sub-zero Environmental conditions. A superlative and perfect system of 100mm thick Insulation blubber below skin, a dense underfur and 150 mm long guard hairs over it's body enables them to face even the severest of weather conditions. We at draw inspiration from such a Masterpiece of Nature and thrive to achieve Optimum Performance in severe conditions with a World Class range of our Cold Insulation products.

We at , a division of Cold Insulation of believes that, Cold Insulation is an important factor in achieving Thermal Efficiency for the system and comfort for it's occupants. incorporates an insulation strategy for right selection of Cold Insulation materials based on careful consideration of the mode of energy transfer and the intensity and direction in which it moves, In general Insulation reduces unwanted heat loss or gain and can decrease the energy demands of Heating and Cooling systems.

We understand the importance of choosing an appropriate Insulation system, followed by combination of materials and Installation techniques to suit a particular situation. Our range of Eco-friendly cold insulation products are listed below for enabling selection of Right Material for Right System:
Our Expanded Polystrene
E-FOAM XPS Extruded Polystrene
Foam Glass / Cellular Glass
Polyolefin Pipe and Duct Insulation
Rubber Insulation
Aerolam Bubble Insulation
Quick Insulation System
Product Range
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